IA Path is hosting their very first Adjuster Job Fair July 12th – 14th, 4pm-10pm (EST)

This event is designed to allow adjusters and appraisers from all aspects of the inspection industry to be able to get interviewed one on one with dozens of hiring companies.

Whether an adjuster is working as a staff or independent adjuster handling property, auto, or desk claims (liability, bodily injury, etc.) there will be companies looking for their skillset.

Chris Stanley the founder of IA Path stated, “One of the biggest hurdles for adjusters to getting work is getting in front of enough companies that have work opportunities. We decided to bring the companies to the adjusters so they wouldn’t have to track them down.”

The entire event will be online utilizing a state-of-the-art platform and interviews will be conducted using the industry-leading Zoom technology. Adjusters can schedule online face-to-face interviews with 30+ nationwide and regional hiring companies.

The list of companies includes leading catastrophic claim companies like Alacrity, TheBest Claims Solution, QA Claims, Field Pros Direct, and CNC to nationwide daily companies like ACD, SCA, & Sedgwick. (previously Nationwide Appraisals) It will also feature regional companies that are looking for help in specific states.

IA Path Adjuster Job Fair Promotional Video

“This has never been done before online in our industry, for adjusters. Typically, events are centered around the hiring companies or technology companies, but we wanted this to be all about the adjuster.” Stanley added.

The adjuster admission also includes on-demand adjuster training, live adjuster workshops, and speakers. One-year admission to this online event (that takes place twice a year, once in July and another in January) and the platform is $97.

Chris Stanley stated, “We have big plans for this platform, but we’ll start with this first event & the follow up in January, but the pricing was designed to offer opportunities to the adjusters year-round, not just for the 3 days of live online interviews.”

Anyone interested in the opportunity to schedule with 30+ hiring companies should check out AdjusterJobFair.com

IA Path is still accepting applications for vendor booths. Those interested in a free booth should check out the vendor page at http://adjusterjobfair.com/vendors for an explanation video and application link.